Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 4/12/2024

Countermeasures Against Chemical Threats (CounterACT) Exploratory/Developmental Projects (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

This Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) supports translational exploratory/developmental research that directly advances the discovery of novel treatment strategies, i.e., medical countermeasures (MCMs), that address serious morbidity and mortality after acute exposure to highly toxic chemical threats. Chemical threats are toxic compounds that could be used in a terrorist attack or accidentally released from industrial production, storage, or shipping. They include traditional chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, pesticides, and ultra-potent synthetic (UPS) opioids.

This NOFO supports translational research that includes, but is not limited to, preliminary efficacy and/or early preclinical development studies towards discovery and validation of novel molecular entities or biologics as candidate MCMs. In addition to novel agents, new treatment strategies may involve repurposing already FDA-approved products or combinations of interventions based on established mechanisms of action.

Projects supported by this NOFO are expected to generate preliminary data that would facilitate the development of competitive applications for more extensive support from the NIH CounterACT Cooperative Agreement program or other related initiatives.


  • Letter of Intent Due Date: 30 days before the application due date
  • Application Due Date(s):  May 30, 2023; May 30, 2024; May 30, 2025

PAR-23-139 Expiration Date May 31, 2025

Amount Description

The budget for direct costs for the two-year project period may not exceed $275,000. No more than $200,000 may be requested in any single year.

Funding Type