Cyclica Academic Partnership Program (CAPP): Research Awards Supporting Small Molecule Drug Discovery Through AI Platforms

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As part of the Cyclica Academic Partnership Program (CAPP), Cyclica offers two research awards to support small molecule drug screening and discovery efforts at Duke University. Successful applicants will receive in-kind access to Cyclica's AI-augmented medicinal chemistry platforms, Ligand Express or Ligand Design. Cyclica's technology is disease agnostic, and we encourage all faculties working on small molecule drug discovery to take advantage of these awards:


The Ligand Express Award:

  • Apply if your lab works on small molecule drug screening
  • Receive in-kind access to the Ligand Express online platform for 3 months, with the possibility of extension
  • Screen molecules against the human proteome to elucidate mechanisms of action, ADMET predictions, and repurposing opportunities
  • Learn more about the Ligand Express Award and apply here

The Ligand Design Award:

  • Apply if your lab seeks novel small molecules drugs for your protein(s) of interest
  • Receive in-kind access to the Ligand Design technology for 6-12 months
  • Collaborate with Cyclica’s applied scientists to design, optimize, and synthesize novel molecules for desired therapeutic targets, anti-targets, and ADMET properties
  • Tap into Cyclica's network of venture capitals and pharmaceutical companies to advance the commercialization of novel small molecule IP
  • Learn more about the Ligand Design Award and apply here

Cyclica is committed to award at least two labs at Duke University. For any inquiries regarding the award process, please contact Cyclica's Strategic Partnerships Manager, Maurice Shen.


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