Delivery of Training Program: “Women in the Justice System: Developing an Agency Wide Approach”

Funding Agency:
Department of Justice

The prison population for women has grown at double the pace of men over the past 40 years and is the fastest growing population in jails. It is critical to incorporate the relevant research and practice into the development of policy, practice and programs to reduce the rate of growth in women’s correctional populations and improve management of women in our justice systems.

“Women in the Justice System: Developing an Agency Wide Approach”, will be delivered as a partnership program Program content focuses on the development of correctional policy, practice and programming that addresses women’s risk, need and significant life issues that contribute to their involvement in the criminal justice system (pre-trial, jail, prison and community corrections). 

Women in the Justice System: Developing an Agency Wide Approach provides participant teams with the knowledge and resources to design an agency approach to improve management of women in their correctional systems as well as improve outcomes with that population. This is not a basic gender-responsive training program and participants applying to attend the program must have prior experience in working with women in the justice system. The recipient of this award will use the existing curriculum and resource materials to provide training to up to 30 participants comprised of 5-6 organization/agency teams at a yet to be determined regional location. 

Deadline: Aug. 7, 2018

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Eligibility Requirements

NIC invites applications from nonprofit organizations (including faithbased, community, and tribal organizations), for-profit organizations (including tribal for-profit organizations), and institutions of higher education (including tribal institutions of higher education). Recipients, including for-profit organizations, must agree to waive any profit or fee for services.



Amount Description

NIC expects to make one award for as much as $18,500.00 for a 12- month project period, beginning on September 3, 2018.

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Social Sciences

External Deadline

August 7, 2018