Demonstrating Policy Effectiveness To Promote Black Youth Mental Health

Funding Agency:
Department of Health and Human Services

NOTE: This is a Forecasted Opportunity.

The Demonstrating Policy Effectiveness to Promote Black Youth Mental Health Initiative aims to identify the health and wellness policies that are successful in improving Black youth mental health, including suicide prevention. The demonstration projects are expected to: (1) implement evidence-based policies for addressing Black youth mental and suicide prevention; (2) pilot the policy assessment protocols that determine the level of effectiveness of general health and wellness policies in improving Black youth mental health in diverse settings; and (3) develop and implement demonstrations of selected innovative and culturally effective policy approaches to improve Black youth mental health. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: This initiative aligns with: (1) recommendations from the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Emergency Taskforce outlined in “Ring the Alarm: The Crisis of Black Suicide in America”; and (2) Healthy People 2030 Mental Health Disorder and Adolescent Health Objectives MHMD-02 (Reduce suicide attempts by adolescents) and AH-D02 (Increase the proportion of children and adolescents with symptoms of trauma who get treatment).



Estimated Post Date: Feb 15, 2022
Estimated Application Due Date: May 15, 2022  




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May 15, 2022