Department of Defense Legacy Resource Managment Program

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Department of Defense

In 1990, Congress passed legislation establishing the Legacy Resource Management Program to provide financial assistance to the Department of Defense (DoD) efforts to preserve our natural and cultural heritage. The program assists DoD in protecting and enhancing resources while supporting military readiness. A Legacy project may involve regional ecosystem management initiatives, habitat preservation efforts, archaeological investigations, invasive species control, Native American consultations, and/or monitoring and predicting migratory patterns of birds and animals. 

Three principles guide the Legacy program: stewardshipleadership, and partnership. Stewardship initiatives assist DoD in safeguarding its irreplaceable resources for future generations. By embracing a leadership role as part of the program, the Department serves as a model for respectful use of natural and cultural resources. Through partnerships, the program strives to access the knowledge and talents of individuals outside of DoD.

The primary objective of the DoD Legacy Resource Management Program (Legacy Program) is to identify and fund high priority conservation projects that foster mission sustainment while promoting long-term stewardship of our nation's natural and cultural heritage. All projects must address one or more of the Areas of Emphasis (AOEs) and support the mission-relevant priorities that form the basis of DoD's Natural and Cultural Resources Programs. Proposals must identify any relationship between the proposed work and other related or similar work completed or currently underway.

The Pre-Proposal submission deadline is April 4, 2016.

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Areas of Interest

For FY 2017, the Legacy Program will consider proposals that address the following AOEs:

  • Mission Enhancement and Range Sustainment
  • Planning to Address and Adapt to New and Emerging Threats
  • Efficiencies in Cultural Resources Management
  • Asset Resiliency through Historic Preservation
  • Training and Communication

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Arts & Humanities
Environmental & Life Sciences
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External Deadline

April 4, 2016