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Posted: 5/31/2024

Dialogues on the Experience of War

The Dialogues on the Experience of War program supports the study and discussion of humanities sources that address the experiences of military service and war from a wide variety of perspectives. In recognition of the importance of the humanities in helping Americans to understand the meaning and experiences of military service and war, Dialogues projects encourage veterans and nonveterans to reflect collectively on such topics as civic engagement, veteran identity, the legacies of war, service, and homecoming. Project teams should include humanities scholars, military veterans, and individuals with relevant experience.

Dialogues projects may take a wide variety of forms, including:

  • Bridge programs for veterans seeking to further or resume their education
  • Community discussion series hosted by veterans’ organizations or cultural institutions such as museums or theaters 
  • Undergraduate or graduate courses that train students to lead discussions on campus or in the local community
  • Seminars for members of the public
  • Reading and discussion programs for veterans and others in the justice system or in group housing
  • Discussion series focused on local historical collections, memorial sites, film series, or exhibitions

Dialogues projects must include:

  • Discussion programs: The convening (in person or virtual) of at least two sustained discussion series focused on humanities resources and themes that address the experiences of war and military service and that explore at least two different conflicts in depth. Dialogues discussion groups may comprise military veterans only (including subsets of veterans such as students or residents of a group facility); or any mix of nonveterans, veterans, and military-affiliated persons, and
  • Preparatory programs: The creation of an in person or virtual preparatory program to recruit and train a cohort of individuals, and then to select and mentor some or all of them to serve as facilitators for the discussion programs.


  • Optional Draft: TBA
  • Application: Sep. 5, 2024 (anticipated)
Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply, your organization must be established in the United States or its jurisdictions as one of the following:  • a nonprofit organization recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code • an accredited institution of higher education (public or nonprofit) • a state or local government or one of their agencies • a federally recognized Native American Tribal government 

You may submit multiple applications for separate and distinct projects under this notice. An individual may not serve as project director for multiple proposed projects under this notice.

Amount Description

You may request up to $100,000. This includes the sum of direct and indirect costs. 

Funding Type