Disability Inclusion Fund -- COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

Funding Agency:
Borealis Philanthropy

The COVID-19 virus is having an immediate and alarming impact on the community of people with disabilities. Safe attendant care and the absence of attendants who are sheltering in place has put the community at risk. People with a history of mental health disabilities are experiencing increased anxiety, amplification of symptoms, and isolation. Access to resources and support organizations has been curtailed. People without sight have the challenge of accessing their community safely. This is only a small sampling of the many concerns and vast vulnerabilities for people with disabilities.

There are significant local, state, and national policy implications for people with disabilities as a result of the COVID-19 virus. There are reports of rationing of medical treatments and for this community to be seen as less worthy of life saving intervention. It is imperative that these issues be addressed quickly and thoughtfully to influence the decisions being made by government and health institutions. Policy and procedure will save lives.

Through this rapid response opportunity, the Disability Inclusion Fund will provide support for organizations on the front lines serving people with disabilities during this crisis. This will include mutual aid and support for organizing, policy, and systems-change advocacy.

The submission due date is May 6, 2020.

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Eligibility Requirements

● Groups that demonstrate alignment with the DIF guiding values. ● Requests from community-based and disability-led organizations will be prioritized, particularly but not exclusively communities whose access to resources and critical supports are experiencing greater instability related to COVID-19. ● Requests that support mutual aid, advocacy, and/or policy needs for people with disabilities in response to COVID-19 that are not easily funded by an organization’s current funding base will be prioritized.



Amount Description

Applicants may request up to $15,000. Final amounts will be determined based on the nature of the request and available resources.

Funding Type





Community Outreach and Engagement
Medical - Clinical Science
Social Sciences

External Deadline

May 6, 2020