Disruptive Capabilities for Future Warfare

Funding Agency:
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

The Tactical Technology Office (TTO) of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is soliciting executive summaries, proposal abstracts, and proposals for applied research, advanced technology development, platform demonstrations, or systems studies that aim to enable new warfighting constructs.

The U.S. military must expand from their historic emphasis on dominance to one of disruptive performance – enabling enhanced capability where needed, applied by a more agile and resilient force. DARPA/TTO intends to develop new systems and supporting technologies that will fuel new force structures and in turn, challenge DoD warfighting agencies, the defense industrial base, and the resulting military systems to innovate conflict and engagement. TTO seeks new ideas to drive this enterprise disruption across the seams of traditional warfighting domains.

DARPA is built on a foundation of pivotal investments in high-risk technologies for national security; the Office-wide BAA represents a critical portal for innovation and initial investment towards developing the DARPA portfolio. TTO views the Office-wide BAA as an opportunity to gain knowledge or understanding necessary to determine the means by which a specific need may be met. Submissions should describe how an investment would provide the unique insight into the problem TTO is trying to solve, and quantifiably substantiate those assertions. These insights may include proof-of-concept prototypes, system analyses, or any other work product that identifies the path to a new system concept. TTO encourages approaches that prove (or disprove) this unique insight as fast as possible – TTO is interested in quickly identifying promising technologies and moving them to the next phase of development. 

TTO will seek innovative ways to develop, demonstrate, and employ breakthrough technologies to generate surprise and leap-ahead military capability while adhering to the DARPA Imperatives: defend the homeland against existential threats, deter and prevail against high end adversary, and effectively prosecute stabilization efforts. TTO currently has a strong portfolio supporting the deter and prevail against high end adversary imperative and will continue system demonstrations in this area. Specific emphasis will be placed to address the effectively prosecute stabilization efforts imperative continuing work in the ground domain while demonstrating novel approaches in the air, space, and maritime domains. For the defend the homeland against existential threats imperative, TTO will investigate novel ways to counter known and emerging threats. As such, TTO is explicitly not interested in approaches or technologies that offer incremental or evolutionary advancements beyond state-of-the-art. To see what DARPA/TTO is already investing in, please visit us online at https://www.darpa.mil/

Proposal Due Date: June 11, 2020




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External Deadline

June 11, 2020