Diversity in Parkinson’s Disease Research Grant

Funding Agency:
American Parkinson Disease Association

APDA Diversity in PD Research Grant is a one-year grant to study the health inequities and/or differences among under-studied PD communities, across the spectrum of ethnicity, ancestry, geography, socioeconomic conditions, and gender.  Current research has established the following:

  1. Diagnosis of PD among some under-studied communities is delayed.
  2. Some under-studied communities are less likely to receive quality PD care.
  3. Clinical trial enrollment among certain under-studied communities does not match their representation in the population.
  4. Differences in clinical features, response to treatment, co-morbidities, prevalence, natural history, genetics and biomarkers among various under-studied PD populations have not been fully explored.

Projects should address one of these four issues. Projects can be designed to detect inequities or differences, understand the reasons for the inequities or differences, or test an intervention to improve disparities.

Letter of Intent due: Dec 16, 2022.

Invitation for full application: Early February 2023

Full Application due: March 2023

Agency Website

Eligibility Requirements

All research scientists in the field of Parkinson’s research can apply, including those from outside the US.



Amount Description

One year grant up to a maximum of $75,000 will be awarded to research scientists (MD, MD/PhD, or PhD).

Funding Type



Junior Faculty


Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

December 16, 2022