Doctoral Dissertation Grants

Funding Agency:
International Research Foundation (TIRF) for English Language Education

Since 2002, TIRF has supported students completing their doctoral research on topics related to the foundation’s priorities. Each year, applicants who have been advanced to candidacy in legitimate PhD or EdD programs are invited to submit proposals for Doctoral Dissertation Grants (DDGs). (By “advanced to candidacy” we mean [a] having completed all required course work, if any, and [b] having had a research plan approved by the candidate’s university committee.) Proposals are reviewed by a TIRF committee of established international researchers. DDGs are provided in the amount of up to US $5,000 per awardee.

Deadline: May 15, 2024

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Areas of Interest

Proposals for TIRF DDGs should closely and explicitly address an area of focus under one of TIRF’s three research topics (1) Language Planning and Policy; (2) Language Assessment; and (3) Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Preparation. 

• Content-based Instruction • Digital Technology in Language Education • English as a Medium of Instruction • Language Assessment • Language Policy and Planning • Language Teacher Education • Migrants and Refugees: Teaching and Assessing English • Plurilingualism in Business, Industry, the Professions, and Educational Contexts • Research on Revitalization of Endangered Indigenous Languages • Students’ Age and Effective English Language Education • Teaching English to Young Learners

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must

  • be enrolled in a legitimate doctoral program;
  • be advanced to candidacy and have had a research plan approved by a faculty committee at their university;
  • write a proposal which is clearly related to TIRF’s research priorities;
  • follow specific instructions located in the call for proposals found here; and
  • have their research supervisor submit an official letter of support attesting to the applicant’s readiness to complete the doctoral dissertation.



Funding Type



Grad/Prof Students


Arts & Humanities
Social Sciences

External Deadline

May 15, 2024