Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences

Funding Agency:
Dreyfus (Camille and Henry) Foundation

2021 Topic: to be announced in 2020

The Dreyfus Prize, awarded biennially, recognizes an individual for exceptional and original research in a selected area of chemistry that has advanced the field in a major way. The prize consists of a monetary award of $250,000, a medal, and a certificate.

“Each Dreyfus Prize highlights major accomplishment in a different area of the chemical sciences. We consider, in addition, the promise of benefit to society,” said Matthew Tirrell, chair of the Dreyfus Foundation Scientific Affairs Committee. “In this spirit, there is no greater benefit that chemistry provides to society than the many profound contributions to the science and technology of human health. The field of the chemical sciences is rich with individuals whose work drives our understanding and betterment of human health.”

The deadline for nominations is December 3, 2020.

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Eligibility Requirements

The prize is open to international nominations. There is no restriction on the number of nominees from a given institution, nor is institutional approval required. Present Dreyfus Foundation Directors, Advisors, and consultants, previous Dreyfus Prize winners, and Nobel Laureates are not eligible.



Funding Type





Engineering and Physical Sciences

External Deadline

December 3, 2020