The Duke Climate Research Innovation Seed Program (CRISP)

Funding Agency:
Duke University

The Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability invites all Duke faculty and research staff to submit proposals for the 2024 round of Climate Research Innovation Seed Program (CRISP) grants. CRISP, which advances research aligned with the Duke Climate Commitment, is funded by the Office of Climate and Sustainability.  

During the 2024 funding round, Research Awards (up to $100,000) will support projects addressing Climate and Community Resilience, one of the four Duke Climate Commitment areas of focus. Ideation Awards (up to $20,000) will support projects addressing any of the four areas of focus: Energy TransformationClimate and Community ResilienceEnvironmental and Climate Justice, and Data-Driven Climate Solutions. The anticipated total of awards during the 2024 funding round is $600,000.

Projects may approach their topics from any disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective and should aim for tangible, measurable, and durable results.

First-round proposals are due by February 26, 2024

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Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply, you must be a full-time member of Duke’s regular rank faculty, modified rank faculty, or research personnel in good standing with the University. For a list of positions in the regular and modified rank faculty, see Appendix E in the Duke Faculty Handbook. For a general description of research personnel, see Chapter 2 in the Research Policy Manual. You may apply as either a single researcher or a member of a larger research team. 

You may submit multiple applications for separate and distinct projects under this notice. Collaborating organizations may participate in multiple proposals.

Amount Description

• Research Awards (up to $100,000) for projects addressing Climate and Community Resilience, and

• Ideation Awards (up to $20,000) for projects addressing any of the four Duke Climate Commitment areas of focus: Energy Transformation, Climate and Community Resilience, Environmental and Climate Justice, and Data-Driven Climate Solutions. 

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Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences
Social Sciences

External Deadline

February 26, 2024