Dynamic Language Infrastructure-Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (DLI-DDRI)

Funding Agency:
National Science Foundation

This program supports doctoral research focusing on building dynamic language infrastructure (DLI). Developing language infrastructure includes the documentation and preservation of languages in ways that articulate or advance linguistic theory, as well as the use of digitization techniques and novel computational methods that support and advance the study of language. Special emphasis is given to languages that are endangered, i.e., understudied and at risk of falling out of use. The program supports the development of the next generation of researchers that contribute to language data management and archiving and to the analysis of these archives to advance language infrastructure. Funding can support fieldwork and other activities relevant to the digital recording, documenting and archiving of endangered languages, including the preparation of lexicons, grammars, text samples and databases. Funding in this solicitation is in the form of doctoral dissertation research improvement grants (DDRIs) for up to 24 months and this solicitation addresses the preparation and evaluation of proposals for DDRI proposals.

Full Proposal Target Date: Feb. 15, 2024; Sep. 16, 2024

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Eligibility Requirements

Proposals may only be submitted by the following:

  • Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) - Ph.D granting IHEs accredited in, and having a campus located in the U.S. acting on behalf of their faculty members.

DLI-DDRI proposals must be submitted with a principal investigator (PI) and a co-principal investigator (co-PI). The PI must be the advisor of the doctoral student or another faculty member at the U.S. IHE where the doctoral student is enrolled. The doctoral student must be the co-PI.

There is no limitation on the number of times that a graduate advisor may be the principal investigator on a DDRI proposal submitted to the DLI-DDRI program either during a specific competition or over the course of her/his career.

However, doctoral students are limited to two DLI-DDRI submissions in the course of their graduate careers.



Amount Description

Estimated Number of Awards: 10 to 15

Approximately 10-15 awards with a duration up to 24 months.

Anticipated Funding Amount: $150,000 to $250,000

The maximum individual award size is $15,000 in direct costs. Indirect costs are in addition to the maximum direct cost limitation and are subject to the awardee's current federally negotiated indirect cost rate. The total funding amount for the DLI-DDRI program is between $150,000 and $250,000, pending availability of annual appropriations.

Funding Type



Grad/Prof Students


Engineering and Physical Sciences
Social Sciences

External Deadline

February 15, 2024