Emergency Citrus Disease Research and Extension Program

Funding Agency:
US Department of Agriculture

NIFA requests pre-applications for the ECDRE program to address priorities identified by the Citrus Disease Sub-committee (CDS) of the National Agricultural Research, Education, Extension and Economics (NAREEE) Advisory Board through projects that integrate research and extension activities and use systems-based, trans-disciplinary approaches to provide solutions to U.S. citrus growers.
The overarching goals and desired outcomes for the ECDRE program are:

  • To combat Huanglongbing (HLB) and its disease complex in order to continue to be able to farm citrus in a financially sustainable way through collaborative approaches and knowledge;
  • Transition from component-focused research to deploying research outcomes and conclusions on farms; and
  • Encourage research teams to bring knowledge together to find grower solutions to combat and prevent HLB infection.  

The ECDRE program will address these needs through the promotion of collaboration, open communication, the exchange of information, and the development of resources that accelerate application of scientific discovery and technology to farm-level solutions for HLB.

Deadline for pre-applications: March 28, 2024


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Eligibility Requirements

Pre-applications for the ECDRE may only be submitted by Federal agencies, national laboratories, colleges and universities, research institutions and organizations, private organizations or corporations, State Agricultural Experiment Stations, Cooperative Extension Services, individuals, or groups consisting of two or more of these entities. 

Duplicate or Multiple Submission. Duplicate or multiple submissions with the same lead PD are not allowed. NIFA will disqualify both applications if an applicant submits duplicate or multiple submissions.  However, an applicant may act as a Co-PD on multiple unique submissions as well as submit a single unique application as the Lead PD in the same fiscal year. 


Funding Type





Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

March 28, 2024