Emerging Markets Program

Funding Agency:
US Department of Agriculture

The EMP assists U.S. entities in developing, maintaining, or expanding exports of U.S. agricultural commodities and products by funding activities that enhance emerging markets’ food and rural business systems, including reducing trade barriers. The EMP is intended primarily to support export market development efforts of the private sector, but EMP resources may also be used to assist public organizations. The EMP is administered by personnel of the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) on behalf of the Commodity Credit Corporation. 

The EMP is a relatively small program intended for focused projects with specific activities, rather than expansive concept papers that contain only broad ideas. While there is no minimum or maximum amount set for EMP–funded projects, most projects are funded at $500,000 or less and are typically approved for a duration of one year. Private entities may submit multi–year proposals requesting higher levels of funding, although funding in such cases is generally provided one year at a time with commitments beyond the first year subject to interim evaluations and funding availability. Proposals from government entities are not eligible for multi–year funding. Funding for continuing and substantially similar projects is generally capped at three years

Deadline: June 28, 2019

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Organizations: Any U.S. private or government entity (e.g., universities, trade associations, agricultural cooperatives, state regional trade groups, state departments of agriculture, federal agencies, for–profit entities, and consulting businesses) with a demonstrated role or interest in the export of U.S. agricultural commodities or products may apply to the program. Proposals from research and consulting organizations will be considered if they provide evidence of participation by and financial support from the U.S. industry. Foreign organizations, whether government or private, may participate as third parties in activities carried out by U.S. organizations but are not eligible for direct funding assistance through the program

All U.S. agricultural commodities, except tobacco, are eligible for consideration. Agricultural product(s) should be comprised of at least 50 percent U.S. origin content by weight, exclusive of added water, to be eligible for funding. Proposals that seek support for multiple U.S. commodities are also eligible.

Only proposals that target countries or regional groups made up of countries classified below the World Bank’s threshold for high income economies will be considered for funding. Countries classified as high income are not eligible markets under EMP. World Bank income limits and country classifications can change from year to year, with the result that a given country may qualify under the legislative and administrative criteria one year, but not the next. Therefore, applicants should consult the current World Bank country classification list for guidance. In addition, due to political sensitivities there may be countries that technically qualify as emerging markets but may require a separate determination before funding can be considered

Amount Description

Available Funding for the NOFO: The EMP will provide up to $8 million in FY 2020 funding to support eligible projects. USDA makes no commitment to fund any particular application or to make a specific number of awards regardless of whether or at what level program funding for FY 2020 is provided.

Projected Number of Awards: It is anticipated that FAS will award approximately 40 awards under the 2020 EMP, subject to programmatic approval and available funding. In general, all qualified proposals received before the application deadline will compete for EMP funding

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Environmental & Life Sciences
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External Deadline

June 28, 2019