Empowering Women to Recognize Factors Impacting Their Fertility

Funding Agency:
Department of Health and Human Services

This is a Forecasted Opportunity.

The Office on Women’s Health seeks to empower women to understand the natural menstrual cycles of their bodies and destigmatize menstruation.   The goal is to diagnose common diseases that affect a woman’s menstrual cycle and impact this 5 th unique women’s vital sign.   Women will be better informed to recognize common menstrual cycle abnormalities with the goal of early diagnoses, reduced maternal morbidity and mortality, and overall health improvement for women of reproductive age.   Through understanding the effects that common health conditions (such as obesity, diabetes, and polycystic ovarian syndrome) and social determinants of health can have on this fundamental aspect of women’s health, women will better recognize factors that can impact their fertility. This grant will educate providers at federally qualified health centers, Title X programs, and academic medical centers in order to empower women to understand, destigmatize, and appreciate the natural menstrual cycle and its impacts on female physiology.

Estimated Application Due Date: Dec 09, 2019  
Estimated Award Date: Mar 15, 2020




Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational
Social Sciences

External Deadline

March 15, 2020