Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award Program

Funding Agency:
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

The healthcare research process traditionally includes only scientists and other research-related professionals. PCORI believes that engagement of nontraditional stakeholders—from topic selection through design and conduct of research to dissemination of results—can influence research to be more patient centered, useful, and trustworthy, and ultimately lead to greater use of research results by patients and the broader healthcare community.

The Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award Program, named in honor of the first chair of PCORI’s Board of Governors, is intended to bring more patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other healthcare stakeholders into the research process. The goal is to support projects that will build a community better able to participate in patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR)/comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) and serve as channels to disseminate study results. This is central to our mission to fund useful CER that will help patients and those who care for them make better-informed healthcare decisions.

The Engagement Award Program supports PCORI’s Engagement Imperative—defined in our Strategic Plan—and provides a platform to increase engagement in research , that is, the meaningful involvement of patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other healthcare stakeholders throughout the research process.

Engagement Awards are for research support projects. This funding is not a research opportunity.

Letter of Intent (LOI) deadlines:   April 4, 2024; Sep. 28, 2023

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Areas of Interest

Engagement Award: Capacity Building

This award category funds projects that build communities prepared to participate in PCOR/CER. These projects support organizations with strong ties to patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other stakeholders who have a connection to a research focus area, with the awards existing as a bridge to better equip the stakeholders to engage as partners in research.

Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative

This award category funds projects —not conferences—to allow organizations and communities to plan for or actively bring relevant PCORI-funded research findings to end users in ways that will command their attention and interest and encourage use of this information in their healthcare decision making.

Engagement Award: Stakeholder Convening Support

This award category provides support to organizations and community groups to hold multi-stakeholder convenings, meetings, and conferences that include a combination of patients, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, purchasers, payers, health system leaders, and/or other stakeholders. Convenings should be designed with the active collaboration and partnership of patients, community groups, and/or other stakeholder organizations to bring diverse stakeholders together around a central focus or shared priority that unifies stakeholders (e.g., geography, health condition, population) to explore issues related to PCOR/CER or communicate PCORI-funded research results to targeted end-user audiences.

Eligibility Requirements

Applications may be submitted by any private or public-sector organization, including any non-profit or for-profit organization or any unit of local, state, or federal government. All US applicant organizations must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Non-domestic components of organizations based in the United States and foreign organizations may apply, as long as there is demonstrable benefit to the US healthcare system, and US efforts in the area of patient-centered research can be clearly shown. Organizations may submit multiple applications for funding. Individuals are not permitted to apply.



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Curriculum Development
Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science

External Deadline

April 4, 2024