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Engineering World Health

Engineering World Health’s Summer & January Institutes are engineering service abroad programs in the hospitals and clinics of low-resource countries that lack needed technicians. The Institutes recruit top-notch engineering undergraduates, graduate students, and young professionals. At the outset, participants learn the local language and complete a technical training course designed to give them the hands-on skills they need to troubleshoot and repair vital hospital equipment. Teams of two or three participants are then placed in hospitals – ones that often lack any biomedical engineering staff – where they repair equipment, conduct preventative maintenance, take inventories, and train staff on how the equipment is to be operated successfully.

Participants work closely with hospital staff. They learn to listen to local perspectives as they conduct interviews on each hospital’s needs, and they learn new ways of approaching challenges as they seek creative solutions in low-resource settings. Their interactions become a global exchange of information. Participants teach hospital staff how to use new devices, translate manuals, and instruct technicians in device maintenance. At the same time, students learn the significance of medical device design choices when “just buying a new one” isn’t an option.

Since 2004, almost 700 Institute participants have repaired more than 6,500 pieces of equipment, returning an estimated $13 million worth of medical technology back to service.

As EWH reaches new countries, each of our programs offers a unique opportunity for students. Some countries, the "Campus to Country" programs, are only open to students of particular Universities, or EWH Alumni who have already completed a previous SI. 

Deadline: Jan. 22, 2019

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Areas of Interest

Nicaragua, Tanzania, & Rwanda Summer Institutes

Open to any qualified applicant, these programs place participants in-country for nine weeks.

The Nicaragua and Tanzania Summer Institutes are our oldest programs, and are run in partnership with Duke University. More info here: ewh.org/nicaragua and ewh.org/tanzania.

The Rwanda Summer Institute began in 2013 in partnership with Texas A&M University. This program features an additional emphasis on design, innovation and product production for under-resourced areas, encouraging students to think about how their work as engineers impacts people around the world and not just at home. More info here: ewh.org/rwanda.

There is one application for all three programs; applicants rank their country preferences when applying.

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External Deadline

January 22, 2019