Extracellular RNA carrier subclasses in processes relevant to Substance Use Disorders or HIV infection (R01, R21)

Funding Agency:
National Institutes of Health

The purpose of this FOA is to encourage research investigating the roles of extracellular RNA (exRNA) carrier subclasses in biological processes relevant to substance use disorders (SUDs) and/or HIV infection, latency, or pathogenesis in the CNS. Applicants may propose to investigate biological mechanisms involving exRNA carrier subclasses, or propose to develop improved technologies to investigate extracellular vesicles or other exRNA carriers.

Although this funding opportunity uses the R01 mechanism, it runs in parallel with a program announcement of identical scientific scope, PAR-20-148, which uses the R21 grant mechanism.


  • Application Due Date(s): October 13, 2020, March 15, 2021, October 13, 2021, March 15, 2022, October 13, 2022, March 15, 2023​
  • AIDS Application Due Date(s): January 7, 2021, May 7, 2021, January 7, 2022, May 7, 2022, January 7, 2023, May 7, 2023​

PAR-20-147 Expiration Date May 08, 2023

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Environmental & Life Sciences
Medical - Basic Science

External Deadline

March 15, 2023