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Posted: 4/18/2022

Food Allergy Prevention QuickFire Challenge

Food allergies are a growing public health problem. For many affected individuals, food allergy begins early in life and persists as a lifelong condition. However, a growing body of work provides insights into potential pathways to reduce the risk of developing food allergies. For example:

  • Research points to a window of opportunity in the early years of a child’s life to reduce the risk of food allergies through the early and ongoing ingestion of allergenic foods;
  • Data suggest a healthy gut microbiome plays a critical role in decreasing risk;
  • Progress is being made in identifying recognizable risk factors associated with increased likelihood of developing food allergy, including atopic dermatitis, antibiotic exposure, C-section delivery and/or a gut microbiome dysbiosis.

That's why Johnson & Johnson Innovation and the Healthy Baby Initiative within Janssen Research & Development’s World Without Disease Accelerator (WWDA), together with the Food Allergy Fund, are launching the Food Allergy Prevention QuickFire Challenge. Innovators are invited to submit novel methods, products, or technologies with the potential to prevent children from developing food allergy in the early years of their life.

The innovator(s) with the best novel methods, products, or technologies can receive grant funding from a total pool of $150,000, access to the global Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS network, and mentorship from experts across the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.*

Deadline: Feb. 18, 2022

Areas of Interest

Submissions should aim to address one or more of the following focus areas:

  • Risk detection including connected devices for both point-of-care and at-home prognostics/diagnostics.
  • Interventions & treatments including preventive therapeutics and health technologies
  • Community platforms with the potential to establish connectivity, monitor data, educate the public with a specific focus on socio-economic disparities, and assist communities
Amount Description
  • Grant funding from a total pool of $150,000, in increments of $75,000, $50,000, or $25,000
Funding Type