Forest History Society - Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser Forest History Fellowship (Restricted to Duke Graduate Students)

Funding Agency:
Duke University

The fellowship consists of an $11,000 stipend, distributed quarterly, to support the research of a Duke University graduate student whose research examines in some way forest and conservation history. The recipient is selected on the basis of merit; proposals are judged in terms of overall significance and quality of presentation. The project must be historical in nature and treat land use, forestry, or the environment in some general way. Examples of acceptable topics include:

  • general changes in a forest ecosystem caused by natural or human intervention;
  • environmental change resulting from the introduction of a nonnative tree or plant species;
  • the evolution of policies or practices relating to natural resource use or management;
  • the historical development of resource-dependent communities;
  • changes in science or technology affecting forestry, natural resource conservation, or environmental management.

The committee that determines the recipient typically includes the Forest History Society president, a representative from Duke University, and select FHS Board members. The fellowship is awarded on an annual basis.

This Duke internal funding is restricted to Duke graduate students.

Deadline: Jan. 31, annually

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Grad/Prof Students


Environmental & Life Sciences
Social Sciences

External Deadline

January 31, 2020