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Posted: 4/3/2024

Frontier Health Markets APS

The U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Office of Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) is pleased to announce the Frontier Health Markets (FHM) Annual Program Statement (APS) which aims to help achieve global U.S. Government (USG) health priorities and commitments, specifically related to preventing child and maternal deaths, controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and combating infectious diseases. FHM will improve the functioning of local health markets and will support the effective engagement and systemic inclusion of the private sector to advance voluntary family planning, maternal, newborn and child health, malaria, TB, and HIV/AIDS outcomes. FHM will leverage existing evidence and best practices, as well as catalyze new ideas, forge partnerships, and innovative approaches to foster the introduction, scale up, and sustainability of quality healthcare delivery in the private sector to achieve our ambitious global health targets and help enhance countries’ ability to fortify and diversify healthcare delivery.

The design of FHM reflects the evolution in USAID’s private sector programming with a greater emphasis on strengthening health market systems. It is designed to enhance countries’ ability to fortify and diversify healthcare delivery and to ensure that USAID’s investments are tailored to country contexts and needs. Fundamental to FHM’s design is the premise that market-based approaches can lead to greater scale and sustainability of development outcomes. This is based on the assumption that as long as a business case or market system exists for a good or service, it has a greater likelihood of sustaining itself without external support. FHM also recognizes that countries which received USAID support have different local contexts, from a business and health policy point of view, as well as a regulatory lens, that require unique support.

FHM will also include a greater focus on building the technical capacity, sustainability, and resilience of local partner institutions, while maintaining an emphasis on advancing the scale-up of evidence-based approaches and interventions. FHM will aim to forge new partnerships with a significant number of development actors and diversify USAID’s partner base through concentrated efforts to engage the local private sector at the country level for state-of-the-art technical expertise, local market intelligence, and service delivery.

This document is an umbrella APS and will not solicit concept papers or applications. Prospective applicants will be provided a fair opportunity to develop and submit competitive concept papers to USAID for potential funding via Rounds under this APS.


Closing Date: February 24, 2028

Eligibility Requirements

U.S. and non-U.S. public, private, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations, as well as institutions of higher education, public international organizations, and non-governmental organizations, are eligible to submit a concept paper under each Round(s) of the APS. Further, the organization must be a legally recognized, organizational entity under applicable law, legally registered in a country within the geographic code 937 (“the United States, the recipient country, and developing countries other than advanced developing countries, but excluding any country that is a prohibited source,” per ADS 310.3.1.1).