Posted: 4/18/2022

Funded Research Projects (Diagnostics for all Clinical Applications, Assay Formats and Disease Areas) -- Request for Proposals

The Biomarker Factory is a company co-owned by Duke University and LabCorp. It was recently created to fund and manage the development and commercial launch of clinical diagnostics related to disease biology, treatment response and drug toxicity in cooperation with Duke investigators, LabCorp and other potential partners. The Biomarker Factory coordinates medical, scientific and commercial expertise related to biomarker development, biospecimen collections, clinical research, treatment practices, intellectual property, technology transfer, alliance management, market analysis, business development, manufacturing, regulatory clearance, reimbursement, health economics and healthcare policies by drawing resources and capabilities from LabCorp, Duke University and other organizations.

We are interested in diagnostics for all clinical applications, assay formats and disease areas. Examples include single biomarker assays, biomarker signatures, biomarker panels aligned with treatment guidelines, and companion diagnostics for drugs.

The Biomarker Factory is building a portfolio of funded research projects around proposals from Duke investigators. We will work with research teams to build programs funded against milestones through a design and review process between Duke investigators, The Biomarker Factory, LabCorp and other potential partners.

Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis for projects at all stages of development based on clear clinical value and a well defined development path against specific milestones. Funding levels will be commensurate with development requirements against milestones.

If you have ideas for a project, please return the provided proposal form to Terry Walker ( as an initial step toward full proposal development.

Provide only non-confidential information in the proposal form and during initial discussions with The Biomarker Factory. Any questions about intellectual property or confidentiality should be discussed with Duke’s Office of Licensing and Ventures before disclosure to The Biomarker Factory.

Please share this announcement and related proposal form with other Duke colleagues and feel free to submit multiple proposals.

Deadline: Rolling.

Funding Type
Sponsor: Rolling