FY17-19 Habitat Blueprint – Coastal and Marine Habitat Focus Area Cooperative Agreements

Funding Agency:
Department of Commerce

he principal objective of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) FY17-19 Habitat Blueprint - Coastal and Marine Habitat Focus Area Cooperative Agreements solicitation is to identify and support comprehensive and cooperative habitat conservation projects in NOAA Habitat Focus Areas (HFAs) that sustain resilient and thriving marine and coastal resources, communities, and economies. Proposals submitted under this solicitation will be selected based on their ability to demonstrate success in achieving the NOAA Habitat Blueprint’s primary goals within nine of the HFAs: Biscayne Bay, Florida; Choptank River, Maryland/Delaware; Kachemak Bay, Alaska; Manell-Geus, Guam; Muskegon Lake Michigan; Northeast Marine Corridor and Culebra Island, Puerto Rico; Penobscot River, Maine; Russian River, California; and West Hawaii, Hawaii. Specific objectives vary from HFA to HFA, and have been selected to effectively protect and/or restore high-priority habitat for managed fisheries, protected species, and other coastal and marine life; foster resilient coastal communities; advance habitat science; and/or lead to increased socioeconomic benefits.

HFA - specific priorities are identified in this federal funding opportunity, and successful proposals will: 1) address issues/concerns contributing to the loss or deterioration of coastal or marine habitats; 2) identify the project’s outcome(s) and goal(s) and describing in detail the actions and project(s) to be undertaken to achieve those goals; and 3) describe the measurable impact on the issue/concern, including proposed evaluation techniques. 

Proposals selected for funding through this solicitation will be funded through cooperative agreements. One to three-year cooperative agreement awards will be considered, and additional releases of funds may be used to fund selected proposals through FY19 without further competition. Awards are dependent upon FY17-FY19 congressional appropriations. Up to $3.5 million may be available over the next three years to maintain selected awards, dependent upon the level of funding made available by Congress. NOAA will not accept proposals with a Federal request of less than $50,000 or more than $250,000 for the first year of funding with no more than $650,000 for the entire three years. NOAA anticipates the typical federal funding awards will range from $150,000 to $600,000 over three years. One to three year proposals will be accepted. Funds will be administered by the NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation.

Deadline: Feb. 2, 2017

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants are institutions of higher education, non-profits, commercial (forprofit) organizations, U.S. territories, and state, local and Native American tribal governments. Applications from federal agencies or employees of federal agencies will not be considered. Federal agencies are strongly encouraged to work with states, nongovernmental organizations, municipal and county governments, and others that are eligible to apply. 



Amount Description

Total anticipated funding for all awards is up to $4 million, subject to the availability of appropriations. NOAA anticipates typical awards will range from $500,000 to $1 million. NOAA will not accept applications requesting less than $200,000 or more than $2 million in federal funds from NOAA under this solicitation. Federal funds awarded under this program must be matched with non-federal funds (cash or in-kind services) at a 2:1 ratio of federal to non-federal contributions. For example, an applicant requesting $500,000 in federal funding must provide at least $250,000 in non-federal matching contributions, for a total budget of $750,000.

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Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

February 2, 2017