Georgia USAID-Tbilisi -- More Transparent and Accountable Governance

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US Agency for International Development

This is for informational purposes, for potential offerors/applicants to plan accordingly. This project summary is intended to provide a broad picture of the mission's planned approach to good governance; it is one of three democracy and governance projects under the USAID Mission's 2013-2017 CDCS. We do not anticipate this project to change significantly. The next postings related to this document will be Requests for Proposals/Requests for Applications.

Strong and effective democracies need well-functioning legal frameworks, institutions, systems and processes to ensure government performance, accountability, transparency, and checks and balances. Citizen participation and the free flow of information also play fundamental roles in ensuring government accountability and transparency, as well as in furthering government legitimacy and effectiveness.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the overall transparency, accountability and effectiveness of governance in Georgia, including the legislative and executive branches at various levels. This is to be achieved by building linkages between different branches and levels of government in key governing systems and processes, while also increasing public participation in and public information about those systems and processes to ensure greater governance accountability.

This project will focus assistance on strengthening key governance reforms designed to establish or strengthen critical processes, practices and systems that ensure greater government transparency, accountability and effectiveness in operation and delivering services. Examples of these include strategic planning performance management processes; participatory policy and legislative development processes; performance budget planning, implementation and oversight; and intra-governmental and public communications and coordination systems. Assistance may support Georgia’s participation in, or progress towards, governance-related reform initiatives and international commitments such as the Open Government Partnership.

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