Grants Aimed at Preventing Conflicts that Could Lead to Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Funding Agency:
Ploughshares Fund

Ploughshares Fund partners with the most promising efforts to realize the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons. 

In line with Ploughshares Fund’s organizational goals and priorities, our grantmaking and programmatic activities are focused on the following areas:

  • Near-term Steps: Drive policies and activities that help eliminate nuclear threats or address regional conflicts.
  • Strengthened Community: Create a stronger, more resilient nuclear field. 
  • Shared Purpose: Build new partnerships with intersecting issues. 
  • Bold Futures: Support transformational thinking and activities. 

Deadline:  Mar. 5, 2024; Aug. 18, 2023




International Opportunities
Social Sciences

External Deadline

March 5, 2024