LOI Deadline
Posted: 4/30/2024

Grants (Social and Environmental Justice)

The Impact Fund makes grants to lawyers, law firms, and nonprofit organizations involved in impact litigation. Most of our grants are for one particular case, but occasionally we fund a series of cases bound by a common strategy. We fund civil rights, human rights, anti-poverty, and environmental justice cases that will affect a marginalized group. Most of our grants are for class actions, but we also fund multi-plaintiff and environmental justice cases that aim to significantly affect a larger system. Impact Fund grants may be used for out-o f-pocket litigation expenses such as expert fees and discovery costs, but not for attorney's fees, staff, or other overhead.

Deadlines for Letters of Inquiry: Jan. 9, 2024; April 9, 2024; July 16, 2024; Oct. 8, 2024

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