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Posted: 1/9/2023

Grawemeyer Award in Education

The Grawemeyer Award in Education is intended to stimulate the dissemination, public scrutiny and implementation of ideas that have potential to bring about significant improvement in educational practice and advances in educational attainment. The award was created not only to reward the individuals responsible, but also to draw attention to their ideas, proposals or achievements. The award is designed to recognize a specific recent idea/study rather than a lifetime of accomplishment.

Ideas eligible for nomination may have an individual author or authors. The competition does not limit the format in which the idea or achievement appears. Consideration will be given to printed books, articles appearing in scholarly journals, technological advances, software, research reports, conference presentations, or other widely and publicly disseminated forms. Consistent with the intent of H. Charles Grawemeyer, the award is not given posthumously.

Deadline for nominations: April 10, 2023

Amount Description

The Grawemeyer Award in Education is accompanied by a prize of $100,000, which is presented in full during the awards ceremony.

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