Grawemeyer Award for Music

Funding Agency:
University of Louisville

Music has the ability to inspire, to bring joy to those who hear it and those who create it. It can convey great emotion in just a few powerful notes. There is, perhaps, no greater expression of the human spirit. For this reason, the Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition honors those who bring beauty and inspiration into the world.

The University of Louisville offers an international prize in recognition of outstanding achievement by a living composer in a large musical genre: choral, orchestral, chamber, electronic, song-cycle, dance, opera, musical theater, extended solo work and more. The award will be granted for a work premiered during the five-year period prior to the award deadline.

Deadline for Nominations: Jan. 19, 2024

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Eligibility Requirements


Musical works including, but not limited to, choral, orchestral, chamber, song-cycle, dance, opera, musical theater, extended solo. Current University of Louisville faculty, staff and students are not eligible. Graduates from the University of Louisville must wait five (5) years before they can be nominated.

Any organization or individual with a reasonable professional connection to the nominee and the nominated work. Examples would include professional musical organizations, performers or performing groups, soloists, conductors, critics, publishers or heads of professional music schools or departments.



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Arts & Humanities

External Deadline

January 19, 2024