Posted: 4/18/2022

Healthy Generations - Community Relations Funding

The foundation funds non-profit fundraising and sponsor initiatives that support the objectives of its signature Healthy Generations program. Healthy Generations is a multi-generational health initiative that touches all ages from unborn children to seniors. The foundation's goal is to improve the health of communities by focusing resources on improving nine key health care concerns. These concerns include helping
- children reduce their obesity levels;
- adults reduce their risks for cardiac mortality;
- adults improve and sustain healthy physical activity levels;
- decrease the prevalence of diabetes in adults;
- at-risk expectant mothers engage in sustained prenatal care in their first trimesters;
- at-risk expectant mothers commit to behaviors that reduce numbers of low birth-weight babies;
- adults improve their influenza prevention and immunization rates;
- adults improve their pneumococcal prevention and immunization rates; and
- individuals adopt and sustain smoking cessation behaviors.
Funding Type
Sponsor: Rolling