Heliophysics Grand Challenges Research (ROSES 2016)

Funding Agency:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The Heliophysics Grand Challenges Research (H-GCR) program is a component of the Heliophysics Research Program. Proposers interested in this program element are encouraged to see the overview of the Heliophysics Research Program in Appendix B.1 of this ROSES NRA. 

The Heliophysics Grand Challenges Research (H-GCR) program currently includes just one element: the former Heliophysics ROSES element called "Heliophysics Theory Program" (HTP, last competed in ROSES 2013 Appendix B.5). The former HTP is now referred to as the Theory, Modeling, and Simulations (TMS) element in the H-GCR program. A GCR-Science Center program element will be offered later this year by amendment to ROSES-2016 as B.9.

The goals of the Heliophysics Grand Challenges Research program are specifically designed to support investigations of complex problems that fall within the general realm of Heliophysics and whose full resolution has remained elusive. Work on such problems has traditionally been carried out by independent research groups that employ observational, theoretical, and modelingbased approaches. Increasingly, major advances in the field are taking place as a result of the close interactions between observers, theorists, and modelers. Thus, a coherent attack on the most challenging broad problems requires the efforts of a synergistically interacting group of multidisciplinary teams led by a single Principal Investigator, so as to enable deep and transformative science.


  • REQUIRED Step-1 Proposals: Sep. 23, 2016
  • Step-2 Proposals: Nov. 4, 2016

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Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences

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September 23, 2016