Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 4/2/2024

Heliophysics Innovation in Technology and Science (ROSES 2024)

This Heliophysics Innovation in Technology and Science (HITS) program element solicits proposals that advance the goals and objectives of NASA Heliophysics by conducting outstanding, innovative or expeditious research that can be accomplished in one year.  

HITS is a component of the Heliophysics Research Program and proposers interested in this program element should read B.1, the Heliophysics Research Program Overview for Heliophysics-specific requirements. Common requirements for all ROSES elements and proposals are found in the ROSES Summary of Solicitation and the NASA Proposer's Guide and the order of precedence for proposers is the following: ROSES Element B.15 (this document) takes precedence followed by B.1, The Heliophysics Research Program Overview, followed by the ROSES-2024 Summary of Solicitation and, finally, the 2024 NASA Proposer’s Guide. Proposers should be familiar with all of these resources. 

Proposals may be submitted at any time until March 28, 2025.

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