HFSP Research Grant Program

Funding Agency:
Human Frontier Science Program

The International Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) strives to strengthen open scientific inquiry by initiating international collaborative, interdisciplinary and cutting-edge basic research in the life sciences.  

The International Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO) develops and implements the Program. The aim of the Program is to promote, through international cooperation, basic research focused on the elucidation of the sophisticated and complex mechanisms of living systems, for the benefit of all humankind. It aims to complement, not duplicate, the frontier life science programs of the countries that financially support HFSPO. 

HFSPO attaches highest importance to novelty, scientific merit, internationality, and interdisciplinarity.  

Research topics may include biological functions at all levels of analysis: for example, studies on genes and individual molecules, intracellular networks, intercellular associations in tissues and organs, and networks underlying the complex functions of entire organisms including cognitive functions, as well as populations or ecosystems.  

Two types of Grant are available: Research Grants – Early Career and Research Grants – Program.

  • Research Grants - Early Career*
    All team members are expected to direct a research group (however small) and must have a doctoral degree (PhD, MD or equivalent). They must be in a position to initiate and direct their own independent lines of research.The HFSP award is not intended to create scientific independence, this is a decision of the research institute prior to the application.
  • Research Grants - Program
    Awarded to teams of independent researchers at any stage of their careers. The research team is expected to develop new lines of research through the collaboration. Applications including independent investigators early in their careers are encouraged.


• Compulsory initiation of a Letter of Intent by obtaining a 7-digit LOI ID (1XXXXXX):  19 March 2024

• Submission of a Letter of Intent: 28 March 2024

• Submission of Full Proposals: mid-September 2024, on invitation only 

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Eligibility Requirements

No individual may be an applicant on more than one letter of intent in this review round.



Amount Description

The current mode of funding is as follows, but may be subject to revision before full applications are invited, to take into account HFSP’s budget: $250,000 for a team of 2; $350,000 for a team of 3; $450,000 for a team of 4 or more. These figures represent the amount awarded to the whole team per year for a period of 3 years.  

Funding Type



Junior Faculty


Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences
International Opportunities
Medical - Basic Science

External Deadline

March 19, 2024