Household Transmission of Influenza Viruses in the Community

Funding Agency:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Roughly one third of influenza transmission occurs within the household. In a prior study, we began to understand factors associated with influenza transmission in the home by enrolling patients with influenza at outpatient clinics and following their household members to detect influenza viruses from respiratory specimens. Many questions remain from the initial study including how transmission and susceptibility differ by influenza types and subtypes, by the age and vaccine history of individuals, and by socioeconomic status. The purpose of this funding opportunity is to continue to characterize influenza transmission within households over more seasons and a diversity of households. The study will utilize a similar design as the prior opportunity, enrolling households of individuals with laboratory-confirmed influenza. The study design includes close monitoring of household contacts to: (1) allow detection of transmission events and (2) describe influenza virus infections that are asymptomatic. Understanding how influenza viruses are passed from person to person within a household and the factors associated with acute influenza virus infections in exposed household members will help inform and guide effective use of public health control measures, including influenza vaccination and antiviral use.

Estimated Post Date: Dec 05, 2019
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February 27, 2020