HUDRD Grants for University-Nonprofit Partnerships Supporting Community-Engaged Research Designed to Address Homelessness

Funding Agency:
Department of Housing and Urban Development

This NOFO announces the availability of $1,000,000 in cooperative agreement funding to be awarded to institutions of higher education or nonprofit entities that train and support institutions of higher education to conduct research applying community-engaged research methods to address homelessness. Community-engaged research is an approach that meaningfully engages the community that is the subject of the research, including community groups and people with lived experience.[1] The research funded under this NOFO will contribute to general knowledge on the topic of homelessness, as well as the programs and interventions designed to address homelessness in communities, while elevating the perspectives and insights of people with lived experience. In addition, this NOFO is designed to build and expand capacity for communityengaged research methods at institutions of higher education or nonprofit entities and strengthen partnerships between local nonprofit organizations and institutions of higher education. Submitted research proposals must describe how the knowledge generated under the proposed project will contribute to understanding the effectiveness of Federal, state, and/or local policies and programs designed to address homelessness and must demonstrate how the proposed project will build and expand partnerships between nonprofit organizations and institutions of higher education to better address homelessness.

Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals for community-engaged research projects designed to inform critical policy and programmatic issues related to homelessness. Proposals may seek to evaluate specific programs or interventions that prevent or resolve homelessness, analyze community-wide planning and service coordination efforts, explore federal, state and/or local policies related to addressing homelessness, assess strategies being deployed in a particular community or set of communities to prevent or reduce homelessness, or focus on particular subgroups of people experiencing homelessness and any unique housing or service needs that might be relevant for these subgroups.

Deadline: July 13, 2023

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Amount Description

Minimum Award Amount: $200,000 Per Project Period

Maximum Award Amount: $1,000,000 Per Project Period

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Community Outreach and Engagement
Social Sciences

External Deadline

July 13, 2023