Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 11/20/2023

IBD Ventures

Is your organization engaged in the discovery or development of a novel product with the potential to help patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)? If so, we want to hear from you!

The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation seeks to accelerate the development of products that aim to improve the quality of life of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. Toward that end, the Foundation has launched IBD Ventures, a dedicated funding mechanism to support product-oriented research and development. Companies and academic investigators can apply. Funding up to $500,000 per project per year will be considered. In addition, funded programs will be offered accelerator resources and advising.


Upcoming Letter of Intent deadlines: February 23, 2024; September 4, 2023

Eligibility Requirements

The following types of organizations are eligible to apply for this funding if the following criteria are met. Applicants not meeting the specified criteria based on the Letter of Intent (LOI) submitted will not be considered for funding.

• Company. The majority of applicants in this category will be small for-profit biotechnology companies; non-profit organizations meeting the criteria may also apply. This category does not include organizations whose primary mission is education, clinical care and/or basic research (e.g. universities, academic medical centers or basic research institutes). In order to qualify as a company applicant, an organization must meet the following criteria at the time of LOI submission: - Independent organization with a primary focus on product discovery and/or development. - Business plan specifying organization’s mission and projected milestones. - The proposed project must be consistent with the organization's business plan. - Funds must be available for essential company operation during the project period. - Full-time personnel are employed by organization. - Necessary infrastructure is accessible for proposed research activities.

• Academic or research institution. Projects led by investigators at universities, research institutes and medical centers may be proposed. Academic applicants must demonstrate commitment to, and experience with, commercialization-oriented activities, and access to appropriate resources for commercialization. Such resources may include SBIR award(s), intramural accelerator programs, industry-sponsored research, drug discovery core facilities, contract research organizations, entrepreneur-in-residence programs, etc. Basic research programs are not eligible unless described work is directly related to a product discovery/development objective. Applicants are encouraged to discuss the application with relevant institutional officials (e.g. technology transfer officer). Preferably, at least one full-time staff member should be dedicated to the proposed project. Projects associated with invention disclosures, patent applications and/or other IP (e.g., proprietary assays) are preferred.