Immunization Barriers in the United States: Targeting Medicaid Partnerships

Funding Agency:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

NOTE: This is a Forecasted Opportunity

The purpose of this NOFO is to help CDC continue to address and reduce income-based disparities in immunization rates and bolster vaccine equity in Medicaid-enrolled children, adolescents, pregnant people, and adults by facilitating and establishing engagements and partnerships between State Immunization and State Medicaid Programs. This should also augment efforts to foster NOFO award recipient collaboration with these programs to help CDC better understand barriers to immunization for Medicaid-enrolled children, adolescents, pregnant people, and adults and improve immunization rates. This NOFO is intended for two organizations with reach on a national/regional level and capacity for direct communication with state Medicaid program leadership, with existing relationships with Medicaid program leadership in at least 20 states.



Estimated Post Date: Mar 31, 2023
Estimated Application Due Date: May 29, 2023




Community Outreach and Engagement
Medical - Clinical Science
Social Sciences

External Deadline

May 29, 2023