Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 10/26/2023

Implementation of Effective Shared Decision Making Approaches in Practice Settings -- Cycle 1 2024

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) intends to release a PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA) on January 9, 2024, seeking to promote the targeted implementation and systematic uptake of shared decision making (SDM) in healthcare settings, in line with PCORI’s mission of supporting patients in making informed decisions about their care. For this PFA, PCORI defines an SDM strategy as an intervention or approach that draws on and presents evidence to inform patients of available treatment options and their risks and benefits and either engages patients in a decision-making process with their clinician or promotes their ability to engage in such a process. 

This initiative will support projects with budgets up to $2.5 million in total direct costs that propose active, multicomponent approaches to implementing effective shared decision making strategies that address existing barriers and obstacles to uptake and maintenance so that these interventions are effectively and sustainably integrated into practice. The SDM strategy must have demonstrated effectiveness on patient, caregiver or clinician decision making using widely accepted metrics; the corresponding implementation approach must have potential for use and scalability beyond the targeted implementation setting. Applicants should ensure that the proposed project team draws on sufficient expertise in both SDM and implementation science. Projects must incorporate rigorous evaluation of the implementation of SDM approaches, as well as the impact of the SDM processes in the targeted settings. 


Deadline for Required Letter of Intent: Feb. 6, 2024

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant Eligibility: To be eligible for this PFA, applicants may either a) propose to implement an SDM strategy that was formally tested and demonstrated to be effective in the context of a PCORI-funded comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) award or b) propose an implementation project that will incorporate new CER evidence from PCORI-funded research into an existing, tested SDM strategy, and then implement the updated SDM strategy. Applicants proposing to implement a PCORI-funded SDM strategy must either be the principal investigator of the original PCORI-funded study or be a project team member. Applicants proposing to incorporate findings from a PCORI-funded study or studies into an existing and effective SDM strategy can search from a list of completed PCORI-funded projects with results on PCORI’s portfolio site.

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