Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 7/27/2023

Improving Health Equity in IBD through Disparities Research

Our intent with this RFP is to support IBD related research initiatives focused on following:

• Precision medicine approach which is the tailoring of medical treatment to the individual patient, encompassing a multitude of data-driven (including multi-omic) approaches to foster appropriate clinical decisionmaking. Examples would include:

o Identifying clinical or laboratory characteristics of patients who have mild disease or remain in long-term remission, and studying whether patients with comorbidities have a different disease course

o Collecting data on access to care for patients from underserved communities in order to tailor treatments more specifically

o Meta-analysis or Systematic Literature Review (SLR) to further characterise potential differences underrepresented groups vs. general population in terms of disease course or treatment response  

• Research on ways to improve IBD management among underserved groups, such as treat to target approaches

• Studies quantifying the socio-economic and psycological burden of IBD and its correlation with social determinants of health 

Application submission deadline: October 11, 2023 

Eligibility Requirements

Geographic Scope: Global 

• The institution and Principal Investigator (PI) must be based in one of the eligible countries noted above. • Only organizations are eligible to receive grants, not individuals or medical practice groups. • If the project involves multiple departments within an institution and/or between different institutions / organizations / associations. All institutions must have a relevant role and the requesting organization must have a key role in the project. • The PI must have a medical or postdoctoral degree (MD, PhD, or equivalent), an advanced nursing degree (BSN with a MS/PhD), or a degree in Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, or Social Work. • The applicant must be the PI or an authorized designee of such individual (e.g., PI’s research coordinator). • The PI must be an employee or independent contractor of the requesting organization. • Requesting organization must be legally able to receive award funding directly from Pfizer Inc. We strongly recommend that applicants confirm this with their organization or institution prior to submitting an application. Grants awarded to organizations that are subsequently found to be unable to accept funding directly from Pfizer Inc. may be subject to rescission. 

Amount Description

Individual projects requesting up to $250,000 USD will be considered. The estimated total available budget related to this RFP is $500,00 USD.  

Funding Type