Innovative Technology Development to Enhance Fossil Power System Operability, Reliability, and Economic Performance

Funding Agency:
Department of Energy

The Department of Energy’s Fossil Energy Crosscutting Research program serves as a bridge between basic research and the development of innovative technologies critical to the successful development of ultra-clean, reliable, high efficiency fossil energy power systems.  It does this, in part, by leveraging the latest technology trends such as data analytics and advanced manufacturing.  The proposed effort supports core competencies in sensors and controls, simulation-based engineering, and high-performance materials necessary to achieve DOE FE’s mission.  It also enhances the nations power generation infrastructure security by providing resources to enhance the cybersecurity of power plant sensor and control technology, consistent with the Administration’s renewed emphasis on cybersecurity. 

DOE FE is focused on developing technology solutions to address the challenges of the existing fossil power generation fleet as well as advanced power system technologies for greenfield construction.  Technology platforms of interest include: pulverized coal and circulating fluidized bed combustion boiler-based steam generation; coal gasification; gas and steam turbines; chemical looping; solid oxide fuel cells; gas cleaning and separation technologies; and carbon dioxide separation and capture technologies.  The inclusion of transformational power generation and emission control technologies will enable high process efficiency and system integration to achieve performance goals at a reasonable cost. Integration of new technology will introduce increased levels of complexity and alter process conditions that must be addressed in the research and development of these technologies. These advancements are vital in assuring integrated unit operations, plant availability and flexibility, predictive on-line maintenance, real-time process optimization, and streamlined plant design.

Deadline: Apr. 5, 2018

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Areas of Interest

​AOI 1:  Sensors & Controls Technology Development for Cybersecure Fossil Power (Paper Study)

AOI 2: Computational Tools to Support Advanced Manufacturing of Fossil Energy Technologies




Eligibility Requirements

Applicants may submit multiple applications under each area of interest of this FOA; HOWEVER, applicants may not submit duplicate applications under multiple areas of interest.  Put simply, each submitted application should be distinct and tailored to the specific area of interest.

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Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

April 5, 2018