IPA Talent Exchange Program

The federal government has reached a critical juncture in its efforts to strengthen its talent base. With a growing need to tackle many daunting challenges—from the COVID-19 pandemic and economic turmoil to systemic racial injustice and the devastating effects of climate change—agencies will need to draw on talent with critical expertise from other parts of society that will contribute to better decisions, better systems, and better program delivery. Our talented, dedicated civil servants need to partner with external experts to make the most impact during this critical time.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act, or IPA, placements help agencies fill talent gaps. Using a “tour of duty” approach to public service, the IPA allows individuals from academia, nonprofit organizations, and state and local government to work in a federal agency for up to two years, focusing in particular on priority programs and projects that require additional staff.

With almost 20 years of experience working on federal human capital issues, the Partnership understands the unique opportunities and challenges facing HR professionals, job recruiters and public sector leaders. As such, the Partnership is well-positioned to work with government and talent sources to scale and operationalize the management of IPA placements.

Under the program, participating agencies submit position descriptions for IPA assignments while the Partnership identifies potential candidates and matches them to agency needs. After the agency confirms the candidate match, the Partnership will work directly with IPA assignees to prepare them for the federal workforce.

This program prepares IPA placements to navigate the federal arena and maximize their impact in the public sector, and enables agencies to more quickly deploy external talent to meet urgent needs. By standardizing the process by which agencies recruit, onboard and manage IPA placements, this program also helps human resources professionals and general counsels improve their knowledge of regulatory concerns and best practices.

Applications reviewed on a rolling basis.