Joint University Microelectronics Program 2.0 (JUMP 2.0)

Funding Agency:
Semiconductor Research Corporation

The Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) today announce a new solicitation for the Joint University Microelectronics Program 2.0.

JUMP 2.0 addresses challenges identified in the '2030 Decadal Plan for Semiconductors', and will advance information and communication technologies (ICT) critical to our economic growth and national security. The program launches a new chapter in SRC's history of public-private partnership with DARPA, leading semiconductor and ICT companies, and the defense industrial base and seeks to create collaborative, multidisciplinary research centers at outstanding U.S. universities.

White Papers Due: March 7, 2022

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Areas of Interest

Seven Systems (S) & Technology (T) Themes

  1. Cognition (S): Next-generation AI systems and architectures.
  2. Communications and Connectivity (S): Efficient communication technologies for ICT systems. 
  3. Intelligent Sensing to Action (S): Sensing capabilities and embedded intelligence to enable fast and efficient generation of actions
  4. Systems and Architectures for Distributed Compute (S): Distributed computing systems and architectures in an energy efficient compute and accelerator fabric 
  5. Intelligent Memory and Storage (S): Emerging memory devices and storage arrays for intelligent memory systems
  6.  Advanced Monolithic and Heterogeneous Integration (T): Novel electric and photonic interconnect fabrics and advanced packaging .  
  7. High-performance Energy-Efficient Devices for Digital and Analog Applications (T): Novel materials, devices, and interconnect technologies to enable next-generation digital and analog applications   

Funding Type





Engineering and Physical Sciences

External Deadline

March 7, 2022