JUMP Research Announcement

Funding Agency:
Semiconductor Research Corporation

The Joint University Microelectronics Program (“JUMP”), a consortium of industrial participants and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”), (the “Consortium”), solicits white papers from U.S. universities for collaborative, multidisciplinary, multi-university research in selected areas of principal interest.

The goal of this collaborative effort between the Department of Defense and the industrial participants is to substantially increase the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of broad classes of electronics systems for both commercial and military applications. These research and development efforts should benefit both the military and industrial sectors by providing the Department of Defense with an unmatched technological edge in advanced radar, communications, and weapons systems, and provide the U.S. economy with unique information technology and processing capabilities critical to commercial competitiveness and future economic growth.

The Consortium seeks to address existing and emerging challenges in electronics and systems technologies by concentrating resources on high-risk, high-payoff, long-range innovative research to accelerate the productivity growth and performance enhancement of electronic technologies and circuits, sub-systems, and multi-scale systems. To this end, JUMP is focused on exploratory research on an 8-12 year time horizon that is anticipated to lead to defense and commercial opportunities in the 2025-2030 timeframe.

Deadline for White Papers: March 6, 2017

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Areas of Interest

Current planning supports six research themes across six JUMP centers and utilizes vertical and horizontal centers to capture the intersections of ideas. The focus research area of the individual centers and the overall organization is shown in the JUMP Research Structure graphic.

The vertical research centers emphasize application-oriented goals that focus on key issues facing the industry by addressing the full span of multi-disciplined science and engineering required to achieve breakthrough technologies and products. Proposers for each vertical center are expected to define a grand challenge in the research space that will be achieved by the center before the end of the JUMP program. Horizontal research centers will drive foundational developments in a specific discipline, or set of like-minded disciplines, will build expertise in and around key disciplinary building blocks, and create disruptive breakthroughs in areas of interest to JUMP sponsors. Proposers from the horizontal centers are expected to define a set of key metrics that their center will use to benchmark and drive efforts in the defined research space.



1. RF to THz Sensor and Communication Systems (V)

2. Distributed Computing and Networking (V)

3. Cognitive Computing (V)

4. Intelligent Memory and Storage (V)


5. Advanced Architectures and Algorithms (H)

6. Advanced Devices, Packaging, and Materials (H)

Amount Description

Overall program funding may reach a level of $4.0M to $5.5M per annum per Center, depending on research progress and availability of funds. 

Funding Type





Engineering and Physical Sciences

External Deadline

March 6, 2017