Kaganov Research Initiative Request for Proposals [Duke Internal Funding -- For Duke Faculty Only]

Funding Agency:
Duke University

The purpose of the Kaganov Research Initiative in Pulmonary Medicine and Engineering, supported by a generous gift from Dr. Alan and Mrs. Carol Kaganov, is to build robust collaborations between engineers and biomedical scientists or clinicians to conduct basic, translational or clinical research that focuses directly on or has relevance to lung function and diseases, especially pulmonary fibrosis. To achieve this purpose, the Initiative will fund multiple research proposals.

The Kaganov Research Initiative in Pulmonary Medicine and Engineering focuseson research onlung function or diseases of the lung, especially pulmonary fibrosis, with the following priorities:

  • improve our understanding of disease mechanisms,
  • enhance diagnosis,
  • create more effective treatments
  • find pathways to cure idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and other lung diseases.

Grant proposals should describe multidisciplinary research that meaningfully engages investigators from at least the Schools of Engineering and Medicine. Research on relevant basic biomedical questions, development of enhanced understanding of disease mechanism, the development of therapies, diagnostics or devices, clinical research/trials (excluding Phase 2 or beyond), epidemiological, and/or community-based studies is within scope. The Initiative is especially interested in proposals that build new collaborations and/or teams, and proposals that might lead to extended, productive collaborations and follow-on funding.

A Kaganov Initiative grant application need not have extensive background material or preliminary data. Accordingly, reviewers will be encouraged to focus their evaluations on the conceptual framework, the level of innovation, and the potential to significantly advance our knowledge or understanding of or the treatment of lung disease, particularly idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Appropriate justification for the proposed work can be provided through literature citations, data from other sources or from investigator-generated data. All applications should discuss a path to subsequent financial support through grant funding, new company formation, licensing, not-for-profit partnering, or other channels.

Application submission deadline: October 30, 2019

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Proposals must demonstrate a real collaboration between a faculty member with an appointment in the Pratt School of Engineering and a faculty member with an appointment in the School of Medicine.
  • Proposals must be submitted by Duke regular rank faculty and comply with the Duke University Policy on PI Status in the Duke Faculty Handbook.
  • The co-PIs cannot haveprimary appointmentsin the same School.Priority may be given to applications that include one or both PIs with a primary appointment in Medicine or Pratt (i.e. rather than the applicants having primary appointments in, for example, Arts & Sciences).
  • Applications are encouraged from new teams of investigators and existing collaborators proposing a new research topic.
  • Because of the focus of this funding opportunity, the applicants are highly encouraged to have physicians or scientists with lung disease expertise at least in the extended collaborative team.
  • More than one proposal may be submitted per faculty member acting as PI, but the faculty member is only eligible to receive one award as PI during a given funding cycle.
  • Teams whose proposal to a previous Kaganov Pilot Project RFP was not selected for funding may resubmit the proposal if it meets the requirements for this announcement.
  • Teams that have previously received Kaganov grant funding may submit a competitive renewal application. ┬áPlease indicate in the application whether and how previous milestones were achieved, and how the new application extends or is different from the prior work. The application will be reviewed with the general pool of applications.



Amount Description

Applications for funding of up to $150,000 (direct costs only) will be considered. Some faculty effort may be included (not to exceed 20% of the budget). If you are requesting faculty salary, justify the request in relation to departmental expectations and actual effort on the project. The proposed research should be appropriate to the budget and must be accomplished within one year.

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Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

October 30, 2019