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Posted: 3/3/2022

Knowledge Gaps in Testing, Diagnosis, and Treatment of COVID-19

Pfizer  Global  Medical  Grants  (GMG)  supports  the  global  healthcare  community’s  independent  initiatives (e.g.,  research,  quality  improvement, or  education)  to improve  patient  outcomes  in  areas  of  unmet medical  need  that  are  aligned  with Pfizer’s  medical  and/or  scientific  strategies. Pfizer’s  GMG  competitive grant  program  involves  a  publicly  posted  general  Request  for  Proposal  (RFP) that  provides  detail  regarding  a  general  area  of  interest,  sets  timelines  for  review  and  approval,  and  uses an internal  Pfizer  review  process  to  make final  grant  decisions.  Organizations  are invited to submit  an application  addressing the  knowledge  gaps  as  outlined in  the  specific  RFP. 

Through this RFP it is our intent to support educational programs that address knowledge gaps in the testing, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19 and are designed to help achieve the following goals: • Increase appropriate testing and diagnosis of all patients with COVID-19 symptoms • Increase awareness of Non-Hospitalized COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines for COVID-19 in non-hospitalized patients at high risk of progression to severe illness

More specifically, we intend to support programs designed to increase the understanding of: • The need for urgent testing recommendations for patients with a potential/confirmed contact or when the patient has any COVID-19 symptoms and that tests should not be delayed until more symptoms appear or worsen • Factors that potentially put patients at high risk for severe illness • The importance of early treatment in non-hospitalized patients that has the potential to prevent disease progression, especially in high-risk patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 • Non-hospitalized COVID-19 national treatment guidelines (e.g., NIH, IDSA, etc.)

All activity types will be considered, though given the current circumstances, activities that can be developed and launched rapidly will be prioritized. We have a particular interest in supporting programs that will facilitate clinician uptake of the recommendations through the use of educational tools such as microlearning modules, infographics, and other visual content (posters, pocket guides, etc.) 

Grant Application due date: March 31, 2022 

Eligibility Requirements

Geographic Scope: United States

• The following may apply: medical, dental, nursing, allied health, and/or pharmacy professional schools; healthcare institutions (both large and small); professional associations and medical societies; medical education companies; and other entities with a mission related to healthcare professional education and/or healthcare improvement.   • If the project involves multiple departments within an institution and/or between different institutions / organizations / associations. all institutions must have a relevant role and the requesting organization must have a key role in the project. • For projects offering continuing education credit, the requesting organization must be accredited.

Amount Description

Individual projects requesting up to $200,000 will be considered. We anticipate supporting multiple projects.  

Funding Type