Land Cover / Land Use Change (ROSES 2019)

Funding Agency:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The Land-Cover/Land-Use Change (LCLUC) program is developing interdisciplinary approaches combining aspects of physical, social and economic sciences, with a high level of societal relevance, using remote sensing tools, methods, and data. One of its stated goals is to develop the capability for periodic satellite-based inventories of land cover and monitoring and characterizing land-cover and land-use change. The program focuses on analysis at global to regional scales, taking advantage of the synoptic capability afforded by satellite remote sensing and with the understanding that land-use change occurs locally.

This solicitation will contribute to NASA’s general goal of developing a new generation of scientists capable of undertaking integrated earth science research.

The NASA LCLUC program supports research at the intersection of physical and social science involving the use of remotely sensed data. The program encourages the development of early career scientists that excel in this area of research. There is a growing community within academia, including students, that is engaging in interdisciplinary research of societal relevance. This solicitation aims to help build the next generation of experts, which will contribute to the goals of the NASA LCLUC program. The eligible proposers (both PI and Co-Is) should have their Ph.D. degree awarded no earlier than 2014, so that at the time of submission of the full proposal (March 2020) a proposer would be no more than 6 years after the Ph.D. degree. No restriction on the time after Ph.D. is imposed on collaborators (See Section 4.2).

This particular solicitation is directed at early career scientists and aims to stimulate more interdisciplinary research proposals that are commonly funded by the NASA New Investigator Program (NIP). 

The LCLUC program takes a regional approach to studying changes that have regional to global scale impacts. The regions of interest for this solicitation are Latin America, the Mediterranean region, Central Asia and western Asia (west of India). Latin American proposals may include Central American, Caribbean and/or South American countries. Amazon is not the region of interest for this particular solicitation because there had been fewer previous studies in the other areas of Latin America as compared to the Amazon region, for which there has been synthesis work based on the research results obtained during NASA’s earlier Land-Biosphere-Atmosphere (LBA) program. The Mediterranean region includes the coastal countries and islands around the Mediterranean Sea. The eastern and southern sectors are of more interest than the north-western and western (European) sectors of the region, where much research on land use continues to be conducted by EU institutions. 


  • Required Step-1 Proposals: Aug. 1, 2019
  • Step-2 Proposals: Mar. 3, 2020

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Junior Faculty


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August 1, 2019