Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 4/18/2022

Leveraging Nutrition and Lifestyle for Diabetes Prevention Across the Life Span

The American Diabetes Association is soliciting research to improve adoption of healthy diets and lifestyles at the individual and community level with interventions tailored to different racial and socioeconomic groups across the life span. Importantly, applicants should indicate how the proposed research will have a significant impact (“move the needle”) on outcomes in those individuals at risk of, or living with, diabetes. The goal of this RFA is to identify grants of the highest scientific merit, with greatest potential for successful outcomes and most innovative and transformative, for funding.

This RFA will prioritize:

• Nutritional and/or physical activity interventions that more effectively incorporate cultural or personal preferences, psychological supports, comorbid conditions, socioeconomic status, food insecurity, and other factors that may impact consistency with an eating and/or exercise plan and its effectiveness.

• Approaches that better tailor medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) to different racial and socioeconomic groups in sustainable real-world settings.

• Behavioral interventions that help encourage and sustain health diet and increased physical activity.

• Comparison and/or utilization of different delivery methods aided by wearable technology (e.g. accelerometers, continuous glucose monitors, etc.)

• Cost-effectiveness studies to support third-party coverage and policy change.

The goal of this RFA is to identify person-centered, yet scalable, dietary and lifestyle interventions with the greatest potential for adoption and maintenance of diabetes-preventing or diabetesmitigating lifestyles by individuals at greatest risk. The breakdown of targeted grant types is: Innovative Clinical or Translational Science, Junior Faculty Development, and Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Deadline: November 1, 2021
  • Junior Faculty LOI Deadline: November 22, 2021
  • Innovative Clinical or Translational Science LOI Deadline: November 22, 2021