Liberia Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (LACRA)

Funding Agency:
US Agency for International Development

The purpose of this statement of work (SOW) is to support the Liberia Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (LACRA) to develop a framework for regulating agricultural commodities trade in Liberia based on best practices. The application of these best practices will take into account the state of the agricultural sector in Liberia and establish goals of efficiency, growth and equity that can be supported in the agricultural commodities market through improved regulations.  LACRA is mandated by Liberian law to serve as the regulator of all agricultural trade, particularly those involving cocoa, coffee, and oil palm. As a new agency that began operations in 2018, most of the work needed to support the establishment of a regulatory framework for agricultural commodities market is yet to be undertaken.

Response Date: Oct. 9, 2019




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October 9, 2019