Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 6/21/2022

Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit Monitoring & Wildlife Habitat Management

This work requires an experienced onsite support person located at Naval Air Station Key West (NASKW). The work will involve: monitoring of Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit (LKMR) populations at NASKW and to conduct habitat management (e.g., Invasive Exotic Vegetation Control) projects at NASKW. This will be accomplished through the implementation of three specific tasks; LKMR Population Monitoring; Habitat Management; Invasive Vegetation Control. 

Cooperator will be providing technical natural resource support to assist Naval Air Station Key West with monitoring for successful population trends, forest habitat enhancements, and invasive exotic vegetation control. This includes applying habitat management practices to support enhancements for restoration and control of exotic vegetation in selected areas of sensitive habitat utilized by the the Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit. This effort also requires utilizing protocols from established species management plans to obtain Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit population data to support annual population trend reporting to regional stakeholders and regulatory agencies.

Deadline for Statement of Interest: July 18, 2022

Eligibility Requirements

This funding opportunity is ONLY available for Cooperative Ecosystem Study Units under the Gulf Coast / Piedmont-South Atlantic CESU Units.

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