Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 12/6/2023

Making a Difference in Real-World Bioethics Dilemmas

The Greenwall Foundation’s bioethics grants program, Making a Difference in Real-World Bioethics Dilemmas, supports research to help resolve an important emerging or unanswered bioethics problem in clinical, biomedical, or public health decision-making, policy, or practice. Our aim is to fund projects that promote the Foundation’s vision and mission through innovative bioethics research that will have a real-world, practical impactProjects may be empirical, conceptual, or normative. Successful teams commonly involve a bioethics scholar and persons with on-the-ground experience with the bioethics dilemma, for example, in clinical care; biomedical research; biotechnology, pharmaceutical, big data, and artificial intelligence companies; or public service. impact.

Deadline for Letters of Intent: Jan. 2, 2024; June 26, 2023

Areas of Interest

While we welcome all innovative proposals that will have a real-world impact, we are particularly interested in proposals that address the ethical and policy issues raised by the following priority topics:

  • Bias and discrimination in health care, which may be based on a broad range of characteristics, and which may involve institutional and systemic contributors to bias and racism as well as health disparities or social determinants of health;
  • Trust in science, medicine, and public health;
  • Public health crises (related to, for example, emerging infectious diseases, climate change, and the opioid epidemic), including their impact on mental health;
  • Healthcare access, costs, and resource allocation.
Eligibility Requirements

The Greenwall Foundation only makes awards to affiliated individuals at institutions with tax-exempt status in the United States. In addition, an individual cannot simultaneously receive Making a Difference and Faculty Scholars Program funding from The Greenwall Foundation.